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Clearly the Ideal Solution for a Healthy Smile

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Get $500 Off Invisalign®

Do You Notice Any of The Following When You Look in The Mirror?

• A crowded smile • Improper bite alignment or tooth alignment • Gaps and spaces between teeth • Crooked teeth If you said yes to any of these, you may be a candidate for Invisalign®.  

Invisalign® is Your Secret Smile Solution

Boost Your Confidence Improve your confidence and self-esteem. After Invisalign®, you'll be eager to share your smile.

The Invisible Alternative Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® is clear. You won't have to worry about someone seeing your aligner - it's your secret.

Achieve a Straight Smile Invisalign® can help you have the perfect, straight smile you have always wanted. It's as effective as traditional braces. 

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® utilizes 3-D computer imaging technology to correct problematic bites or malocclusions by planning a complete sequence of custom-made clear aligners. This series of clear aligners, each of which is worn for a couple of weeks, incrementally move the teeth into place until the final desired corrections are reached.

Your Health and Safety is Our Top Priority

Dr. Nabavi is committed to serving her community and helping each person who visits her office experience a healthy mouth and healthy lifestyle. She is detail-oriented and always tries to do what is best for her patients, treating them like her family and providing them with the highest possible quality of care.

Our practice has always had the very highest of standards when it comes to your health and that hasn’t changed. Every time you visit our office, our primary goal is to ensure your health and your safety 

We continue to maintain and uphold the requirements set forth by the CDC, OSHA, and the ADA in regards to sanitation and infection control, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for all.

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Dorsa Family Dentistry
13725 Northwest Blvd., Suite #5
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